Our Services

This is a multi-disciplinary program that is geared towards individuals who are in need of sub-acute medical care and services as a result of their drug or alcohol dependency. Emphasis is placed on the careful medical monitoring of individuals, on either a residential or an outpatient basis, for the purpose of stabilizing the physiological and psychological effects of the withdrawal process. The program offers a comprehensive range of services to assist individuals in understanding the addiction the addiction process and the treatment options available to sustain a successful sobriety.

This program is designed for individuals who are going through an immediate crisis, whether it is severe alcohol abuse, or chronic schizophrenia, attempted suicide, or aggressive behavior we provide stabilization from crisis. We provide a safe environment for the patient and the family, and ensure that the patient reaches mental health stability.

Our inpatient treatment program is our most intensive and long term program focusing on holistic recovering using a multidisciplinary team. The goal of our inpatient program is long term sobriety, and as a result we use a whole range of service from psychiatric medication, counseling, psycho-education, group therapy, to family therapy.

This program is for the individual who is currently residing in a stable environment in the community, however, is in need of treatment to solidify their long term recovery goals. Additionally, this program is appropriate for individuals in which the chronic nature of their alcohol and/or drug addiction has not progressed to the extent where it requires more intensive levels of care. The emphasis is placed on education for continued recovery plans and refining longer term recovery plans.

This program is designed for those individuals who have completed formalized treatment and have made a successful transition back into the community. This program provides support geared toward the further development of recovery related program activities both for Shwe Padauk and the community. Additionally, aftercare serves as a program to continue to refine recovery plans and monitor post treatment.

Due to the lack of availability of trained mental health professionals in our country, we provide transportation services for individuals who face a mental health crisis.

Our companion program focuses on providing trained mental health attendants for both long term and short term care, after hospitalization or treatment. Our companions ensure that patients are in a safe environment, remain drug free, and take their medications, as well as provide counseling.

Shwe Padauk offers traditional and non-traditional treatment modalities and services. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding recovery from a neurobiological perspective as well as a spiritual perspective. The goal is to assist each individual in reaching their maximum level of potential as it relates to self, family, career, and recovery. Treatment services and programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each person. Services are provided both on-site or off-site depending on the services desired